Need a tree removed? You've come to the right place.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons for tree removal. More often than not trees are removed for being planted in a bad position.

Most dead trees are classified as dangerous, as well as trees with decay, or rotting issues.

White ants can be the cause of tree removals, as well as poor root structures.

Your trees roots may also interfere with services like plumbing, electrical, and concrete foundations.

Excavations to roots can be hazardous if the tree is being retained.

Having a qualified arborist onsite during such works can be invaluable, and save a law suit further down the track.

Removal of trees for construction works is common due to spacing issues in urban areas.

Such works should be brought to your local council for assessment as well as consulting a qualified arborist.

Tree Walkers has all the equipment and experience necessary to do your Melbourne tree removal, in the most efficient, and safe manner possible, at a great competitive rate.

We specialise in large tree removals in confined spaces.

This skill is what we've built our reputation on.

Whether its a small dead flowering wattle (Acacia floribunda), or an 80 meter mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans) or an over grown Pine Tree (Pinus radiata), our team will do your job the right way, guaranteed.

Tree Pruning

In most cases tree pruning, when done properly will increase the life of your tree, and make it more athletically pleasing.

There is many reasons for tree pruning.

Maybe your tree is causing too much shade, and you'd just like a little more sunlight on your lawn or garden.

In this situation a tree thinning may be in order.

Pruning in this manner creates less of a sail, making the tree more resistant to strong winds, as well as creating more light for surrounding areas.

Your trees may overhang your roof, giving vermin access, and also filling your gutters with leaves.

Sometimes trees grow too closely together which can cause issues of limbs rubbing, leading to decay or branches breaking off.

Hazard assessment for your tree can be carried out for free, and can save al ot of dramas if you just have the right person looking.

Sometimes your trees just grow too much for the limbs to handle the weight of the foliage.

Dead-wooding trees and weight reduction for most trees should be carried out every 2 - 4 years, to prevent limbs failing.

All in all, tree pruning is a necessity in our urban environment, in order to protect our assets and family.

Tree Walkers will access your trees without using spikes for tree pruning, and all our tree pruning complies with current Australian standards.

We practise the most advanced climbing techniques, and approach our work with care.

In most cases reducing the height of a tree is not necessary, and can actually make the tree more dangerous than before.

This tree pruning practise is called tree lopping, and is not a part of the Australian Tree Pruning Standards, and has not been a common practise for many years.

Unfortunately this isn’t widely known, and needs to be stamped out.

Removing too much foliage from a tree will cause stress on the tree, due to interruption of the photosynthesis process.

In cases where more than 25 % of foliage is removed the tree will show signs of stress by sending of epicormic shoots, which sprout from the cambium layer, just beneath the bark.

This epicormic growth has poor attachment, and in years to come when these shoots grow into larger ones, they can easily be detached by a strong wind, or even their own weight.

Stump Grinding

Often trees are removed to make way for another project, and if the stump is not properly taken care of, then it can affect the new project.

Removing the stump isn't as straightforward a job as it may appear, and if all the roots of the old tress are not taken care of they could go on to damage anything that is put in the place of the removed tree.

If the whole point of having a tree removed was to enhance the look of your garden, then you could actually be doing the opposite if trying to take on the job on your own.

Hiring a professional Melbourne arborist will ensure that everything is done properly and that you can move on to your garden renovation with complete peace of mind.

For your stump removal, Tree Walkers is the obvious choice.

Our range of stump grinders will get us into the tightest narrows, and eating into the largest stumps with ease and comfort in no time at all.

Arborist Reports

Arborist reports are written mainly for dangerous trees.

To remove trees in most councils now you need a planning permit, which can take up to 2 months to obtain.

An arborist report from your Melbourne arborist can speed up this process.

An arborist report is a legal document, and can be used as evidence in court.

If you have a dead or dangerous tree and need it removed immediately and your council requires you to have a permit, an arborist report can speed up the permit process and if necessary protect you from litgation or fines.

Most construction works now have to be supervised by an arborist and need tree protection zones to be erected around remaining and significant trees.

An arborist will liaise with the council arborist to find the best outcome.

Tree Walkers arborists are highly knowledgeable in all facets of tree health, and local vegetation overlays.

If you have any queries or need for our services our arborists are more than capable to handle your enquiries.